Gen-blocks assembles the miner for the client and turns it on in a foreign low energy cost location. The coins are mined directly to the customer’s wallet. Gen-Blocks maintaines the miner online and monitors it’s regular functioning. Gen-Blocks retains a Housing Fee directly from the cryptocurrency mined by the customer.


Gen-Blocks is offering a solution to people in search of an alternative investment in cryptocurrencies.

Our service allows you to mine in low energy cost locations.

Unlike cloud-mining Gen-Blocks offers:

  • Assembles the miner rig
  • Offers housing on foreign datacenter and manages the energy payments
  • Offers detailed reporting of mining operations


The project is in development in order to offer our clients more functionality:

  • New mining sites with low energy cost
  • Dashboard and app for monitoring mining activities from your pc and mobile
  • A utility token will be developed for internal accounting.


  • Start

    Wire transfer Received

  • Step 1

    + 30 days - hardware purchase, assembling and testing

  • Step 2

    +15 days - Transportation and housing in Gen-Blocks farm

  • Miner Online

    Your miner is online monitored by Gen-Blocks


For more details regarding our offer, or a customized quotation for your existing hardware, receive your offer contacting us by mail or in telegram group.

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