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Gen-Blocks project is not only about mining cryptocurrency, but the most interesting part of it, is the development of a mining monitoring system. There are various solutions for monitoring mining operations, but we found that they always lack of something. So in Gen-Blocks we are developing an integrated dashboard, which will permit our clients to monitor all the essential infos regarding cryptocurrency mining. Developing the dashboard, we basically try to merge data from different sources:

  • miner data
  • pool data
  • market data
  • energy consumption

Below is presented the first draft of the dashboard:

Click to enlarge

dashboard example

Description of dashboard’s sections:

  1. Miner data: essentially we need to know if the Miner Rig is working regularly, so we need to monitor the temperature of GPU’s and the speed (Mhs). Alerts can be set to send telegram messages when this parameters go out of the standard range.
  2. Pool data: miner’s speed is purely theoretical (shown by your mining software), the real Mhs of your miner are calculated by the pool based on nr of solutions uploaded by your miner. It’s also good to know shares that your miner have uploaded in the last hour.
  3. Market data: it’s useful to see at glance the current price and recent price changes of the mined coin.
  4. Energy consumption: it’s also useful to see energy consumption of last period to check eventual anomalies.

Every chart of the dashbard can also contain more detailed “explosion” of data, that will be shown in next updates.

The infos represented in the dashboard is obtained from a database, which is populated by a daemon software run on a server. The daemon basically runs a group of services that retrieve data from different sources as shown in the following diagram.

In the next session dedicated to Gen-Blocks dashboard development, we will update on the testing of the Miner’s Dashboard described here and will introduce the General Dashboard. A second general dashboard is developed to get more “high level” infos to basically answer this questions:

  • what is the total production/consumption of your miners?
  • how many months you need to amortize their cost?


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