Mining rig example design

The miner presented at Sfida 4.0 is based on 6 Nvidia GTX 1060 3 GB GPUs manufactured by Zotac. Testing various manufacturers we found that the most cost-effective GTX 1060 GPU was from this manufacturer wich was priced around 250 Euros (prices of january 2018 in Italy). Below is the list of other hardware used:


Component Nr Price
EVGA SuperNOVA GQ PSU 750W 1 165
ASUS PRIME Z270-P 1 123
Risers 6 38
Intel CELERON G3900 2.80GHZ 1 40
4 GB DDR4 2400 MT/s 1 43
60GB SSD 1 27
USB WiFi 1 10

Now let’s talk about the productivity in terms of Mh/s. Due to high costs of energy in Italy, it seems unreasonable to run Equihash algorythms, wich are using a lot of GPU power (coins mined on Equihash proof of work algo are ZEC, ZEN, BTG …). So we’ve set up this miner on Ethereum (Ethash algorythm) wich is known to use more VRAM that GPU power and needs less enery to run. More in depth, correctly overclocked GTX 1060 with samsung VRAM can produce 24,8 Mh/s on Ethash algo, so 6 GPU rig is able to supply you with around 150 Mh/s, wich means around 0.32 ETH on a mounth base.

The bold is on samsung VRAM. The fact is that a gtx GPU could mount a different video memory manufacturer, the main alternative are Micron (bad) and Hynix (worst). This are Mh/s obtained on Zotac GTX 1060 with VRAM of different manufacturers:

  • 24,8 Mh/s – samsung
  • 23,5 Mh/s – micron
  • 19,2 Mh/s – hynix

Unfortunately it is not possible to choose VRAM manufacturer when you’re buying a GPU. The only thing you can do is to activate buyer protection and try to change the GPU or switch mining other algorithms (equihash, cryptonight …).  In further posts we will discuss the main difference between Nvidia and ATI GPU’s for mining.

Some images of rigs based on GTX 1060 GPUs

First Rig installed at Sfida 4.0 run for demo purpose. 6 GTX 1060 3GB assembled in a commercial case with 4 120mm extra fans.

Custom 27 x 60 x 40 case

First Rig installed at Moscow mining farm 6 GTX 1060 6GB in a custom case.

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