Crypto Trends – ETHUSD View

Gen-Blocks view on ETHUSD – march 2018

The second most important coin to look after $BTCUSD (witch is the entire cryptospace mover), is Ethereum.  ETH is still minable and one of most profitable coins to mine right now, so let’s have look:

TFDeeps – we must be there on $ETHUSD by Mytradersblog on

If we look at the log scale, it seems that we reached the deeps of Ethereum: -67% from january highs. Last time we got – 68% drawdown in june 2017 on COINBASE:ETHUSD -3.03% , so we must be there. It’s also possible that we will experience a short move deeper in the 400 support zone and than new bullish trend will begin. In alternative we will continue slipping slowly further and deeper.

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