Crypto Trends – 08.2018

Gen-Blocks view on Minable Coins – August 2018

In this post we collected all recent ideas published on Tradingview to shere our current view on cryptocurrency market, especially regarding minable coins.


$BTSUSD correction of new #Cryptowave or bear continuation ? by Mytradersblog on

Not so far we experienced, what seemed a trend inversion in $btcusd. So if it really happened we are in a new #cryptowave. Below our view on Bitcoin, which is the driver for all cryptocurrency markets.
If the new 🐂 wave is not started we can go deeper at 5.000 range in search of volumes.


$ETHUSD Exiting the Deeps by Mytradersblog on

Ethereum is the 2nd mined coin and the 1st GPU mined coin and … it flats
First sell targets are from around 600 and 700 usd. The only question is when we get there.


ZEC rise on #mining expectations by Mytradersblog on

New miners for equihash algorithm have arrived (Z9 mini) and other are coming in september (Z9). So if Bitmain wanna boost a bit it’s sales before the 35 Billions IPO (at Hong Kong exchange), can expect further pump of Zcash.


Targets for #Monero #xmrusd by Mytradersblog on

Another coin to monitor is Monero. It’s the first ASIC resistant mineable coin after Ethereum. Now it seems quite week and poorly influenced by the recent “trend inversion”, but it can be also very volatile.

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