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We make it possible

Mining crypto with lowest energy costs

Power your hash

  • We offer the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency in locations with low electricity costs
  • You will choose the number of miners to setup and the type of coin that you want to mine
  • The miner is yours till it works, you’ll be charged only with actual electricity costs and a housing fee

Different from cloud mining

  • A typical cloud-mining contract sells you a certain amount of hashing power for x months linked to a specific cryptocurrency at an all inclusive price. The information about mining ends at this point.
  • What type of miners are used? What is the cost of electricity? what are the costs of rent and management of the farm? What if I want to switch and mine another currency?
  • The interesting thing about mining is to understand more about cryptocurrency through the knowledge of the process of creation. Gen-Blocks will guide you into crypto mining!

Get control with the dashboard

  • All the details of the mining process are shown in a simple but powerful dashboard
  • You’ll get a real time view of the production and costs of your rigs
  • Complete customizable reports on your earnings and costs

Market analytics

  • Gen-Blocks publishes constant updates on minable coins prices and on the global view and trends in the cryptocurrency markets
  • Constant updates on latest trends in cryptocurrencies and new mineable alorythms

About the project comes from several years of experience in business process consulting and development of BI solutions. In partnership with Sfida Italia 4.0 we are developing a new type of cryptocurrency mining service aimed to offer to our clients a clear and complete view on every step of mining activity: from hardware configuration, detailed real-time costing accounting to revenue projections.

The project is at early stage development with actually 2 mining sites in Russia and Ukraine. Beeing a miner is not easy at this moment but, all our efforts are focused on the development of different mining sites with lowest energy costs available.

Take a look at our stand in Sfida 4.0 in Italy


After research on hardware, overclocking and testing different configurations we present to our clients the RIG 8 solution:

  • 8 GPU RX 570 4/8 GB VRAM
  • 240 MH/s on Ethash (Ethereum)
  • 6.600 Hs on CryptoNightV7 (Monero)
  • 1,1 Kw/h power consumption on Ethash

Gen-Blocks constantly tests new hardware and configurations.


Peter Kropotkin

Founder, Project Manager

Born in Russia, studied and worked in Italy. More than 10 years of business strategy consulting background. Blockchain addict and miner since 2015

Fabio Pasinetti

Marketing & Sales Manager

Over 12 Years of extensive international PR & Marketing experience in all aspects of mainstream & social media, responsible for developing, implementing and executing cost effective, smart & strategic marketing plans for different Italian entyties

Anastasia Luzina

Chief Designer & Social Media Manager

8 years digital marketing and advertising experience, 5 years big data marketing and creative designer at McCann Erickson.

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